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Gatholoco, Candirejo - Borobudur Participatory Video Project

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Language: Indonesianonesian
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The Sacred Bridge Foundation and UNESCO office Jakarta, developed a participatory video on the intangible cultural heritage of Borobudur, showcasing the dance of Gatholoco, Candirejo village, Borobudur.

Given the importance of local stakeholder's involvement in the process of inventorying the nation's intangible cultural heritage stipulated in the UNESCO 2003 Convention, the Participatory Video Project was developed together with local communities.

This video is about "Gatholoco", an artform that corresponds to the genre of Javanese Islamic row dances.

on this subject: UNESCO Office Jakarta

Place/region: Borobudur, Indonesia, Asia and the Pacific
Type: Performing arts
Extract: 5 min. Total length:
Production and personalities:
Publisher: Sacred Bridge Foundation, Indonesia Sponsor: UNESCO
Published in:

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