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La Parranda de San Pedro de Guarenas y Guatire

Idioma: Español

In the towns of Guarenas and Guatire, devotees celebrate the Day of San Pedro with a series of popular festivities and rituals. Venerated images of the saint, accompanied by flags, banners, musicians, dancers and troubadours, are paraded through the streets to re-enact the story of San Pedro's healing of the daughter of a slave. Women decorate the churches, dress images of the saint and cook traditional dishes. Adults and children in the community all celebrate a vital tradition that symbolizes and reasserts the struggle against injustice and inequality.

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Lugar/región: San Pedro de Guarenas, Venezuela, Latin America, Caribbean
Series: 2013 inscriptions on the Representative List
Tipo: Documentary
Producción y personalidades:
Publisher: Centro de la Diversidad Cultural, Venezuela
Publicado en:
Derechos: Centro de la Diversidad Cultural, Venezuela

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Original: DVD
Ubicación: EV only
Referencia UMVS: AVFONDS-CLTITH-2013-0090700009
Source ref.: DOC:0090700009/CAND:00907
Titular de los derechos: UNESCO ; Centro de la Diversidad Cultural, Venezuela