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The Tradition of Carpet-making in Chiprovtsi. ©UNESCO 2013
The Tradition of Carpet-making in Chiprovtsi

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Kilimi are hand-woven carpets made by the women of Chiprovtsi. The weavers use vertical handlooms to make two-sided tapestries traditionally used for floor coverings. The process of transmission occurs informally from mothers and grandmothers to daughters, often while working together on large carpets. The men of the town typically engage in wool production, processing and dyeing. The finished carpets are renowned for their composition, ornamental motifs and colour.

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Place/region: Chiprovtsi, Bulgaria, Europe
Series: 2014 inscriptions on the Representative List
Type: Documentary
Authors and personalities: Mila Santova, director ; Evgeni Petrakev, director ; Anton Avramov, director.
Production: Bulgaria. Ministry of Culture, producer.
Published in:
Rights: Bulgaria. Ministry of Culture

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