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The French Tumba: La Caridad de Oriente

Idioma: Español subtitles Eng

The dance, song and drumming style known as Tumba Francesa (French Drum) was brought to Cuba by Haitian slaves who were resettled in the island's eastern regions following the unrest in Haiti during the 1790s. It embodies one of the oldest and most tangible links to the Afro-Haitian heritage of Cuba's Oriente province and developed from an eighteenth- century fusion of music from Dahomey in West Africa and traditional French dances. After Cuba's abolition of slavery in 1886 and the resulting migration of former slaves to urban areas in search of work, Tumba Francesa societies emerged in several cities.

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Lugar/región: Cuba, Latin America, Caribbean
Series: 2008 Inscriptions on the Representative List
Tipo: Documentary
Producción y personalidades:
Director: Carlos Fernandez Lopez
Coproducer/sponsor: Centro Provincial de Patrimonio Cultural, Cuba; Consejo Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural Cubano
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Original: DVD
Ubicación: EV only
Referencia UMVS: AVFONDS-CLTITH-2008-00052-CUB.DV
Titular de los derechos: UNESCO