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Oral Traditions of the Pygmies Aka. ©Commission nationale centrafricaine 2008
Oral Traditions of the Pygmies Aka

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The Aka Pygmies living in the south-west region of the Central African Republic have developed a distinctive vocal musical tradition, which involves a complex type of contrapuntal polyphony based on four voices, mastered by all members of the Aka community.

Music and dance form an integral part of Aka rituals including ceremonies related to the inauguration of new encampments, hunting and funerals. Unlike polyphonic systems that are written down in notation, the vocal tradition of the Aka Pygmies allows for spontaneous expression and improvisation. During performances, each singer can change his or her voice to produce a multitude of variations, creating the impression that the music is continuously evolving.

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Lieux/région Central African Republic, Africa
Séries: 2008 Inscriptions on the Representative List
Type: Documentary
Production: Central Africa National Commission for UNESCO, producer ; Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Culture, producer.
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