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Abu Wajeh Family on Disaster Preparedness - Disaster Risk Reduction Education Jordan PSA (II)

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Language: عربى
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In September 2011 UNESCO Office in Amman has produced four Public Service Announcements (PSAs) within the framework of a Disaster Risk Reduction project. The project is implemented with the support of UNICEF and in coordination with the Ministry of Education of Jordan, the Civil Defence and the Jordan Red Crescent.

The Public Service Announcements were done in a cartoon format and feature the "Abu Wajeh Family". The PSAs are in Arabic and explain in an easy and family friendly way how to be prepared for a natural disaster at home and at schools and what the basic evacuation procedures are. These cartoons will soon be shown on Jordan TV.

Place/region: Jordan, Southwest Asia, Middle East
Type: Animated film
Production and personalities:
Cartoon character: Abu Wajeh family
Publisher: UNESCO Amman
Published in:

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