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Bhojpuri Folk Songs in Mauritius, Geet-Gawai. ©UNESCO 2015
Bhojpuri Folk Songs in Mauritius, Geet-Gawai

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Geet-Gawai is a traditional, pre-wedding ceremony combining rituals, prayer, songs, music and dance performed mainly by Bhojpuri-speaking communities in Mauritius. Taking place at the bride or groom's home, it involves family members and neighbours. Married women sort items like rice and money in a piece of cloth while others sing songs to honour Hindu gods and goddesses. Next, everyone dances to uplifting songs. An expression of community identity and collective memory, it is transmitted by families, community centres, and academies.

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Place/region: Mauritius, Africa
Series: 2016 inscriptions on the Representative List
Type: Documentary
Authors and personalities: Nittin Rogbeer, director ; Jayshree Mungur-Mehdi, director.
Production: Mauritius. Ministry of Arts and Culture, National heritage Fund, sponsor ; Mauritius Film Development Corporation, sponsor.
Published in:
Rights: Mauritius. Ministry of Arts and Culture, National heritage Fund; Mauritius Film Development Corporation

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