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Winter Festivities - Carnival of Podence

Language: English
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The Carnival of Podence is a social practice associated with the end of winter and the arrival of spring. The festivities take place over three days in the streets and houses of neighbours of the village, who visit each other. During the performance, the Caretos – masked characters dressed in colourful costumes and bells – visit the homes of families and relatives in a ritual of visitation and conviviality. Participation begins during childhood, and the Group of Caretos Association plays a key role in ensuring its continued viability.

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Topics and Tags
Place/region: Podence, Portugal, Europe
Series: 2019 inscriptions on the Representative List
Type: Documentary
Production and personalities:
Director: Rui Pilao
Participant: Graeme Pulleyn, Patricia Cordeiro, Jose Lemos
Publisher: Village Boy; Blaster Image Works
Published in:
Rights: Village Boy; Blaster Image Works

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Original: Video.MP4
Location: EV only
UMVS reference: SYNAV-2019-CLTITH-RL-0146300005
Source ref.: DOC:0146300005 ; CAND:01463
Rights holder: UNESCO ; Village Boy; Blaster Image Works