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Route de l'esclave : l'instinct de la résistance
BY: Tabué Nguma, Nil Viasnoff PRODUCER:  Slave Route Project. All rights reserved ©2012 UNESCO,
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April - May 2012
Building Transborder Bridges
The UNESCO Venice Office works to integrate science and culture into the national socio-economic strategies of development of the South-Eastern European region. This collection of films tells us how
How the Venice office works

March 2012
Teatru pe DVD
A DVD collection produced by the UNESCO Chair-ITI (Romania) in close collaboration with the Global Alliance of Theatre Schools, GATS, that reunites 14 top theatre schools worldwide. The aim of the International Theatre Institute is to coordinate a "world Programme for Academic Mobility in the field of theatre education", all of which shows in this collection
UNESCO Chair of the International Theatre Institute

February 2012
Au nom de la Terre
Aborder les facteurs du développement durable, les interactions entre activités humaines et environnement, agir... Cette collection propose de nombreuses activités et autres exercices et jeux interactifs pour mieux comprendre les enjeux locaux et globlaux

January 2012
"Open UNESCO" is an exhibition promoting the work of the organization. It includes a variety of visual elements explaining UNESCO's actions through seven “islands”, each focused on a particular theme. These are some of the audiovisual items on show at the exhibition


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