Cultural diversity

Endangered Languages of Indigenous Peoples of Siberia
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Summary/Historical Context

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It is common knowledge that about 90 per cent of about 6,000 languages existing in the world are expected to be replaced by dominant languages by the end of the twenty-first century. Siberia is one of the regions with the majority of indigenous population is presently not marked by the language diversity any more, though generally, they spoke various unique languages formerly. At least some 30 languages in the region of Siberia can be seen as endangered.

The spoken languages in the six videos of this DVD are Eskimo, Nganasan, Nivchi, Schor, Tchelkan and Tchuk.

This DVD contains main materials from the "Round table the Endangered Languages of Indigenous Peoples of Siberia", which was conducted on October 2005 by the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences with the support of the UNESCO Moscow office.

Place/country: Russian Federation,
Type: Documentary
Extract: 5 min. Total lenght: 24 minutes
Credits: Russian Academy of Sciences (publisher), Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology (publisher), UNESCO Moscow (producer),
Published in: 2005
Library catalogue (UNESDOC):187439

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