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Environmental awareness

Children and Nature
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Language(s): Russian 

Summary/Historical Context

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Natural resources preservation

In the resource center for preschool-age children We and the Nature , children from the Moscow area interact with the nature and learn to understand and protect the world around them.

The problem of mega cities is the limited dialogue with the nature. And it is impossible to love the environment without knowing it. In the resource center children get acquainted with plants, trees, animals...

In the centre children also experiment with natural materials in children's "scientific" laboratories, learning, for instance, about the formation of cave reliefs in artificial stalactite caves.

on this subject: Development in Early Childhood and ECCE: Vygotsky's Perspective

Place/country: Russian Federation,
Type: Documentary
Duration: 00:11:29
Publisher/producer: Ministry of Education, Moscow,
Published in:2010

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