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Gióng festival of Phù Ðông and Sóc temples. ©UNESCO 2009
Gióng festival of Phù Ðông and Sóc temples

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The Gióng festival of Phù ??ng and Sóc temples is celebrated annually in outlying districts of Hanoi, the capital of Viet Nam. Each spring, before the rice harvest, the Vi?t people honour the mythical hero, god and saint, Thánh Gióng, who is credited with defending the country from foreign enemies, and is worshipped as the patron god of the harvest, national peace and family prosperity. The festival at Phù ??ng temple, which takes place in the fourth lunar month in the village of his birth, symbolically re-enacts his feats through the riding of a white horse into battle and the orchestration of an elaborate flag dance to symbolize the battle itself. Young men receive extensive training to play the roles of Flag Master, Drum Master, Gong Master, Army Master and Childrens Master, while 28 girls aged 9 to 13 are selected to play the enemy generals. The Flag Masters dancing movements and drum and gong sounds convey the development of the battle, and paper butterflies released from the flag symbolically disperse the invaders. The arrival of rains after the festival is seen as a blessing from the saint for an abundant harvest. The celebrations at Sóc temple, where saint Gióng ascended to heaven, take place in the first lunar month and include the ritual of bathing his statue and a procession of bamboo flowers to the temple as offerings to the saint.

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Pays/lieu: Viet Nam,
Séries: 2010 Inscriptions on the Representative List/Inscriptions 2010 sur la liste représentative
Type: Documentary
Générique: Hoàng S?n (director),
Publié en: 2009

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