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Yamoussoukro 1985: Information Technology for Developing Countries
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Summary/Historical Context

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In 1985, the Yamoussoukro group which was an offshoot of IBI was established to map out a strategy on the use of Information technology as a tool for social and economic development of the African continent. The Cameroonian minister responsible for information technology was appointed member of the group's steering committee.

IBI conducted a series of interviews during the Yamoussoukro conference (27-29/03/1985).

Mr Amil Jamal, Minister of State to the President of the Republic of Tanzania answers questions about the importance information technology for developping countries. He also discusses ways to address the economic imbalance between industrialized and less-develppped nations

Place/country: Cameroon, Tanzania,
Series: IBI-UNESCO collection
Type: Interview
Duration: 13 minutes
Credits: Amil Jamal (guest),
Intergovernmental Bureau for Informatics (publisher),
Published in: 1985

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