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Afro-Asian Dialogues on Development - South-South Partnership for Sustainable Development
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Summary/Historical Context

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This video gathers visions and animations on an open dialogue on development from a workshop: “Afro-Asian Dialogues on Development - South-South Partnership for Sustainable Development”, hosted by UNESCO Bangkok on 4 April 2011. The President of the “Imagine Africa Institute” in Paris, France, and former UNESCO Assistant Director General Pierre Sane, the Ambassador of South Africa to Thailand H.E. Douglas Gibson, Dr. Pongthep Akratanakul, Kasetsart University, Thailand, and Dr. Roland Amoussou-Guenou, President and Co-founder of the Asia-Africa Foundation voice their ideas and vision of a sustainable partnership for sustainable development between Africa and Asia.

Place/country: Thailand,
Type: Speech.Round table
Duration: 2 minutes
Credits: Weerapot Chaoman (speaker), Kanokkarn Winyangoon (speaker), Warut Ittisak (speaker), Pierre Sane (participant), Douglas Gibson (participant), Pongthep Akratanakul (participant), Roland Amoussou-Guenou (participant),
UNESCO Bangkok (publisher),
Published in: 2011

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