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Climate Change - Swimming Clouds. ©Communication University of China 2011
Climate Change - Swimming Clouds

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Climate change

The world's financial and climate crises have a common cause: living beyond our means. Today we are running up huge ecological debts, just as we are accumulating financial debts. Neither is sustainable.

The "Summer Academy" is a join effort by the UNESCO Climate Change Initiative, the Communication University of China (CUC) and l'Ecole de l'image Goblins

This short video is part of the DVD "Climate Change - CUC and Gobelins Summer Academy 2011", which also contains a video report on the Summer Academy 2011 and interviews.  »available here

Place/country: China,
Type: Animated cartoon film
Credits: François Barreau (director), Violaine Briat (director), Clément Girard (director), Pierre Zenzius (director), UNESCO Beijing (publisher), CUC-Gobelins Summer Academy (publisher), UNESCO Beijing (producer). CUC-Gobelins Summer Academy (producer).
Published in: 2011

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