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Summary/Historical Context

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Cultural heritage preservation
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Within the context of the United Nations' Decade for the World's Indigenous Peoples, individuals from different professional disciplines and organizations contributed to a project to manage the archival heritage generated through interaction between researchers and the San peoples of Southern Africa.

It all was done in collaboration with the San Communities, whose representatives were trained to work with audio-visual and textual technologies to generate information and communication materials from their perspective.

The video shown here is called "Back to the Land Movement. From Tsumkwe to Nyae". Namibia, 1987. It is a 6 minutes documentary.

Other titles on the DVD are:

- Cultural exchange, 7:56 min
- Caprivi after independence, 8:17 min
- The miscast exhibition, 15:58 min
- The promised land, 11:34 min
- Trance dance, 8:32 min
- An interview with Dr Megan Biesele, 17:43 min; and
- Indigenous languages, 10:07 min

on this subject: San Interactive Archive Training and Heritage Management Program (South Africa)

Place/country: South Africa,
Type: Documentary
Extract: 06:01. Total length:01:41:20
Credits: Doxa (director) UNESCO (publisher)

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