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Regina Mama / Queen Mother
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Manlio Santanelli
Gelu Colceag

The play “Regina Mama” (Queen Mother), by Manlio Santanelli, one of the major contemporary Italian playwrights, brings to the foreground two characters, side by side, but also in conflict - Regina (played by Olga Tudorache), an authoritarian and possessive mother, and her son, Alfredo, a failed, neurotic journalist (played by the well-known actor Marius Bodochi).

Directed by Gelu Colceag, with a scene setting signed by Stefania Cenean, the play reveals a moving life story, ending with a dramatic turn of plot. The play won the Honorary Award at the Brasov Festival of Contemporary Drama (1997), and Olga Tudorache's performance brought her the 1997 AICT Best
Actress Award and the Tofan Award for the most influential theatrical personality of the same year.

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Place/country: Romania,
Series: Teatru pe DVD
Type: Performing arts
Extract: 03:45. Total lenght: 03:00:00
Credits: Gelu Colceag (director) UNESCO Chair (publisher) ITI (publisher)
Published in:2006

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