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Protecting Great Apes - Ian Redmond
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Summary/Historical Context

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Ape Alliance
Ian Redmon

Ian Redmond, Chairman of Ape Alliance, talks about what could improve Great Apes protection during the 2nd meeting of the Council of the Great Apes' Survival Partnership (GRASP):
“Two things: better law enforcement—because it's illegal to hunt apes and it shouldn't be happening and better land-use planning”.

The GRASP Council—coordinated by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and UNESCO—held its second meeting at UNESCO Headquarters from 6 to 8 November to define a new strategy to protect these endangered primates, whose numbers have continued to decline.

on this subject: 2nd meeting of the Council of GRASP

Place/country: UNESCO HQ,
Type: Interview
Duration: 00:00:56
Publisher/producer: UNESCO TV,
Published in: 2012

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