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Mina's Village Says" Yes"! to Waste Management
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Summary/Historical Context

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Mina's family has a baby goat that Mina's daughter, Lin, loves very much. One day, the baby goat dies from eating a plastic bag left in the paddy field...

Some children are absent from school due to health problems caused by waste that has not been treated properly...

The villagers have a meeting to discuss what they can do to improve waste management.

The Package Learning Materials on Environment series is planned and produced by the Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU). It aims to raise environment awareness.

on this subject: Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO

Place/country: India, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand,
Series: Package Learning Materials on Environment
Type: Animated cartoon film
Extract: 4 min. Total length: 20 minutes
Credits: LAT [Malaysia] (director), Suzuki Shinichi [Japan] (director), Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU) (publisher), UNESCO Bangkok (producer),

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