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Summary/Historical Context

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Educational programmes

Education for All TV Programmes, is a joint project funded by the UNESCO and administrated by the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA). Under this programme, different television stations from the Commonwealth countries have produced interactive talk-shows on education.

Five documentaries compose this collection of DVDs:
- The Indian Scenario. The Doordarshan: 57 min
- Quality Education for all in Tanzania: 31 min (*** sample above)
- Back to School, Back to What? : 1h:43 min
- Wijana Vetu: 50 min, and
- Book Talk: 54 min

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on this subject: UNESCO grants go to Commonwealth broadcasters

Place/country: Barbados, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Tanzania,
Type: TV campaign.Promotional material
Extract: 4 min. Total length: 4 hours, 57 minutes
Credits: Harriet Pierce (director), Jose Jude Mathew (director), Michael Pryce (director), Maia Chung (director), Roselyne Wangui (director), Rebecca Mngodo (director), Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (publisher), ITV, Tanzania (producer), CVM, Jamaica (producer), Nation TV, Kenia (producer), CBC, Barbados (producer),
Published in: 2006

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