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UNESCO Chair - Brazil. Meet with Prof. Luis Aragon
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Summary/Historical Context

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Sustainable development

Prof. Aragon, UNESCO Chairholder, highlights the principal activity of the Chair which closely works in the biosphere research in Amazon region. The aim of this Chair is to establish and implement a strong Programme of South-South Cooperation for sustainable development, thus helping to achieve concrete results in order to improve synergy in the delivery of high-quality, scientific information on the current understanding of environmental change, emerging environmental issues, the interactions between humankind and the environment, and their consequences for human well-being in line with specific foci identified in concrete activities.

on this subject: UNESCO Chair in South-South Cooperation for Sustainable Development (737), established in 2006 at The Federal University of Pará (Brazil).

Place/country: Brazil,
Type: Interview
Duration: 4 minutes
Credits: Luis Aragon (guest),
UNESCO TV (publisher),
Published in: 2009

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