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Silk, Scents and Spice
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Summary/Historical Context

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Since time immemorial, the development of peoples and intercultural exchanges along ancient trade routes have played a crucial role in the evolution and transformation of human civilization. At a time when cultural identities are being fiercely defended in many parts of the world, a look into the past shows that these identities have been gradually forged through influences from elsewhere. Such influences have marked the different civilizations deeply and in doing so have helped to fashion all present-day societies.

Contents of the DVD:

- Silk Road
- Spice Route
- Incense Trail.

It also includes animated maps and related UNESCO projects

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Place/country: Egypt, Iraq, Italy,
Type: Documentary
Extract: 9 min. Total length: 1 hours, 15 minutes
Credits: John Lawton (director), UNESCO Publishing (publisher), Karemedia (publisher), Arté (producer),
Published in: 2001
Library catalogue (UNESDOC):125083

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