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Language(s): Thai  subtitles: Eng

Summary/Historical Context

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The 'Love & Relationships" project is in line with UNESCOs commitment to support a comprehensive HIV response through facilitating an Education, Culture and Communication Sector response to HIV and AIDS.On this occasion, during the months of November and December 2008, UNESCO joined the French Cultural Center's "Route du cinema" Film Festivals to screen two movies in Khmer language that targeting young people, and address issues such as human trafficking, intimate relationships, sexuality and so on, related to HIV and gender. The overall aim of the project is to highlight challenges young people face in intimate relationships, particularly as concerns sexuality and discrimination based on gender and/or sexual orientation - topics formal education has been reluctant to explicitly address.

on this subject: Karol and Setha

Place/country: Cambodia,
Type: Fiction
Sample: 08:23. Total lenght: 01:36:31
Author/director: Karol and Setha,
Publisher/producer: UNESCO Phnom Penh, BBC WST, K&S production,

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