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Tatal / The Father
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Language(s): Romanian,   subtitles: Eng »French

Summary/Historical Context

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Creative content
August Strindberg
Catalina Buzoianu

Tata (The Father), by Swedish playwright August Strindberg, portrays the conflict of interest between a man and a woman, husband and wife, who fight about how to best raise their daughter, Bertha. The father, an ex-cavalry captain, is an intellectual and a well-respected scientist. His wife, selfish and unscrupulous. Theirs is a merciless war that will lead the father into madness

on this subject: UNESCO Chair, ITI

Place/country: Romania,
Series: Teatru pe DVD,
Type: Performing arts
Extract: 05:46. Total lenght: 01:45:00
Author/director: Catalina Buzoianu
Publisher/producer: UNESCO Chair - ITI,
Published in:2006

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