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O noapte furtunoasa / Stormy Night, by Ion Luca Caragiale
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Language(s): Romanian  subtitles: Eng »French

Summary/Historical Context

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Creative content
Gelu Colceag
Ion Luca Caragiale

Business-man Dumitrache has entrusted his right-hand man, Chiriac, to spy on Veta, his wife. Dumitrache is certain Veta is having an affair. And she is —only her lover is Chiriac himself. Meanwhile the wife's sister's lover goes to visit the sister, but because of an upside-down nine (which looks like a six) on the house number, winds up inside Dumitrache's house instead.

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Series: Teatru pe DVD,
Extract: 04:14. Total lenght: 01:42:00
Author/director: Publisher/producer: , ,
Published in:2008

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