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La réserve de biosphère de Mananara nord
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Langue(s): français

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Natural resources preservation
Biosphere reserve
Marine life

In 1971 the UNESCO launched a programme concerned with natural resources and harmonious development, and balance between population and their environment. The programme, encompassing 82 countries, includes protection of biosphere in Mananara which disposes of very diverse ecosystems and include tropical humid forest, sandy coastal plains with littoral vegetation, river vegetation, mangrove formations, marshlands, and coral reefs.

sur ce thème: MAB Programme - Mananara Nord biosphere reserve

Pays/lieu: Madagascar,
Type: Documentary
Durée: 27 minutes
Générique: Denis Rochet (director), Imedia, Madagascar (publisher), UNESCO MAB (publisher), ANGAP (producer),
Publié en: 1997

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