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Power of Culture: Bringing People Together at Borobudur
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Summary/Historical Context

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Mount Merapi

The catastrophic volcanic eruption of Mount Merapi in Java, Indonesia that began on 26 October 2010 constitutes a significant threat to the internationally renowned Borobudur Temple Compounds, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This film retraces the actions of UNESCO which, with the support of donors from around the world, set up the project Save Borobudur World Heritage Site to assist the government of Indonesia and the local communities in the Borobudur area.

on this subject: Save Borobudur World Heritage Site (unesco.jakarta)

Place/country: Indonesia,
Type: Documentary
Duration: 5 minutes
Credits: Dyan Sunu Prastowo (director), UNESCO Jakarta (publisher), Team Red Moustache Cinema (producer),
Published in: 2013

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