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UNESCO Bangkok's Youth Empowerment through Mobile Learning Event
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Language(s): Thai 

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Pichaya Wattanamontri
Soravich Suboo

On 12 September 2012, UNESCO Bangkok organized a talk and mini-concert for non-formal students: ‘Youth Empowerment through Mobile Learning Project' at Thailand Knowledge Park, Central World, Bangkok. The event was marked by a talk show-style interview “Let your power shine with 2 stars” in which Actress Pichaya Wattanamontri (Min) and Doctor and Actor Soravich Suboon (Kong) talked about their lives and obstacles they faced. They addressed youths saying that with a strong determination and investing in one's education everyone can make it, become successful and achieve life goals. The interviews were followed by a short concert by the Thai ‘Snacks Acoustic Band'

on this subject: UNESCO's meet and greet with Thai celebrities for non-formal students

Place/country: Thailand,
Type: Interview
Duration: 00:02:53
Publisher/producer: UNESCO Bangkok,
Published in: 2012

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