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Music of the Gods: the intangible cultural heritage of Nepal's musical
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Language(s): English subtitles: Nepali

Summary/Historical Context

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The Gandharba, Badi and Dami communities have long been the guardians of the centuries old musical traditions of Nepal. The music performers of these Dalit communities have retained an enduring pride in their craft despite the relentless discrimination of their castes. Many of the great musical masters are aging and now more than ever there is a pressing need to inspire a new generation to embrace these age-old musical traditions. This need inspired UNESCO to organize in February 2009 in Kathmandu and patan a thee-day event entitled, Music of the Gods: the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Nepal's Musical Castes, paying tribute to those musicians, who continue to keep this art form alive.

A part from the full version DVD of 1h10min, there is also a 45 min. promotional version.

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Place/country: Nepal,
Type: TV campaign.Promotional material
Extract: 9 min. Total length: 1 hours, 50 minutes
Credits: UNESCO Kathmandu (publisher), Gandarbha Cultural and Arts Organization (producer), Music Museum of Nepal (producer), Creative Statements (producer),
Published in: 2009
Library catalogue (UNESDOC):188180

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