Silk road

La route des épices
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Langue(s): français

Sommaire/Contexte historique

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Historic cities
Trade routes
John Lawton

Travelling the Silk Road brings to life one of the greatest trading routes in human history, showcasing the goods, cultures, and technologies from four representative cities: Xian, Chinas Tang Dynasty capital; Turfan, a verdant oasis and trading outpost; Samarkand, home of prosperous merchants who thrived on the caravan trade; and Baghdad, a fertile hub of commerce and scholarship that became the intellectual centre of the era.

sur ce thème: Explorant la Route des épices (revue Patrimoine mondial n° 45)

Pays/lieu: China, India, Iraq,
Type: Documentary
Extrait: 09:41. Durée total:01:37:00
Générique: John Lawton (director) UNESCO (publisher)

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