Inclusive education

Our School: a film on inclusive education
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Language(s): Nepali  subtitles: English

Summary/Historical Context

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This DVD is part of the "Tool-kit for inclusive education and child friendly school"; a practical tools and support materials for managers, education planners and administrators, teacher trainers and teachers, aimed at ensuring a more effective implementation of inclusive education approaches in the school and the classroom.

The video tells the story of Maya, a young girl who wants to study. However, because of her deformed nose and hands, Maya faces discrimination at school...

on this subject: Toolkit for Inclusive Education and Child Friendly School (

Place/country: Nepal,
Type: Manuals.guides.Encyclopedia
Duration: 00:27:20
Author/director: Kedar Sharma,
Publisher/producer: UNESCO Kathmandu, Ministry of Education and Sports, Nepal,
Published in: 2007
Library catalogue (UNESDOC): 159932

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