Intangible heritage

The Cultural Space and Oral Culture of the Semeiskie
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Summary/Historical Context

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The Semeiskie communities are formed by a group of so-called “Old Believers”, a confessional community originating from the time of the Instigation of the Russian Orthodox Church in the seventeenth century.Their history is marked by repression and exile. During the reign of Catherine the Great, believers in the “old system” from various regions of Russia had to move to the Transbaikal region in Siberia, where they still live today. In this remote area, they have preserved elements of their respective culture, forming a distinct group identity.

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Place/country: Russian Federation,
Series: 2008 Inscriptions on the Representative List/Inscriptions 2008 sur la liste représentative,
Type: Documentary
Duration: 00:14:42
Publisher/producer: Russian Estate House of the People Creativity,
Published in: 2008

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