Culture of peace

Flowers Bloom
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Language(s): English , Tha

Summary/Historical Context

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Sathira Dhammasathan
Asia and the Pacific

It's Children's Day at Sathira-Dhammasathan and hundreds of children take part in the activities that are set up. There are theater and dance performances and small stations were the children can draw and play or learn about nature and science. Mae Chee Sansanee believes children cannot be taught Dhamma by sitting with their eyes closed. It's better done with something playful like a song. Wherever she goes she teaches people, children and grown-ups, the same song. It's called "Flowers bloom"...

Place/country: Thailand,
Type: Animated cartoon film
Sample: 06:42. Total length: 00:10:42
Author/director: D. Cross Media Presentation Co. Ltda,
Publisher/producer: Sathira Dhammasathan,
Published in: 2007

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