Cultural diversity

Languages: Kayan Murik, Malaysia. ©Discovery Channel 2004
Languages: Kayan Murik, Malaysia

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Language(s): Idu Mishmi, English

Summary/Historical Context

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Kayan Murik is spoken in the Sarawak State of Malaysia by a small indigenous community of 1,200 to 1,300 speakers living along the Baram River.

Cultivators and sedentary, the Kayan have active trading and exchange relationship with various groups up and down the Baram. They are great craftsmen and well known for their boat-making skills, which they carve from a single block of belian - the strongest of the tropical hardwoo.


- Ethnologue - Languages of the World

Place/country: Malaysia,
Series: Connecting through culture- Celebrating diversity
Type: Documentary
Credits: Discovery Channel (publisher), Discovery Channel (producer).
Published in: 2004

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