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Summary/Historical Context

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A documentary about IBI, the Intergovernmental Bureau for Informatics which was the successor of the International Computation Centre (ICC), created by UNESCO in 1951.

ICC's main objective consisted in the implementation of a computation centre that would give service to the international scientific community at a time in which it was thought that only a few computation machines would be available around the world, mainly because such machines were very costly. By 1969 ICC started the transformation towards the IBI as a reaction to the technological evolution in the field.

on this subject: Fonds of the International Bureau for Informatics (

Place/country: Italy,
Series: IBI-UNESCO collection
Type: Documentary
Duration: 13 minutes
Credits: Audiovideal (director), Intergovernmental Bureau for Informatics (publisher), FAO (producer),
Published in: 1978

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