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Positive Life - A collection of short films on HIV and AIDS
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The Global network of young TV producers on HIV and AIDS is a a project initiated by UNESCO. The Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development has been partnering in this project to build up a network in the Asia Pacific region.

As part of this project, a grup of young TV producers from national TV organizations from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Mongolia, China and Vietnam were requested to produce a 5-minute film to be integrated in a collection of short films on HIV and AIDS "Positive Life".

on this subject: HIV and AIDS

Place/country: China, India, Mongolia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam,
Type: Fiction
Duration: 00:42:45
Author/director: Nguyen Van Anh, Enkhbaatar Gonchigluvsan, Laxman Muthathanthirige, Shine-Od Hasbazar, Pradeep Kumar Pathak, Azariya Behum, Undrahbayar Jargalsaihan, Saurav Dhakal,
Publisher/producer: UNESCO New Delhi, AIBD, Young TV Producers on HIV and AIDS,
Published in: 2010

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