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Fredman's Epistles & Songs - Carl Michael Bellman

(Audio recording)

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Language(s): English 

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This 40-minutes CD assembles some samples of Bellman's (1740-1795) musical genius, as presented by various singers in English.

The recordings were originally made over the years in various contexts, and they should be heard as, in Bellman's words, "musical poetry", preferably with the printed text at hand.

The singers:

Gerald English (baritone) :
- Oh, screw up the fiddle
- Drain off thy glass *** AVAILABLE ABOVE
- Step forth thou god of night

Thomas Wahlstrom (baritone), Barbro Strid (soprano):
- Epistle No 3
- Still'd is the hasty wave
- Haga

Bob Tasman (tenor):
- Never an Iris
- Ulla, my Ulla

Jerker Engblom:
- Our Ulla lay one morning and slept
- Oh your humblest of servants, most gracious sir host

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Place/country: Sweden,
Type: Performing arts
Sample: 02:28. Total length: 00:40:00
Author/director: Carl Michael Bellman,
Publisher/producer: UNESCO Publishing,
Published in: 1999
Library catalogue (UNESDOC): 150677

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