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Summary/Historical Context

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Freedom of the press
Salwa Abu-Libdeh

This documentary is the first ever co-production between the official Palestinian TV and an Israeli channel. The film has been produced by a joint Israeli-Palestinian team of journalists and technicians with the support of the German public broadcaster, ARD. It was sponsored by UNESCO through its Freedom of Expression, Democracy and Peace Division and coordinated by Carol Daniel Kasbari from UNESCO's Israeli/Palestine Media Forum, which is developing UNESCO's media dialogue projects in the region.

on this subject: Joint Israeli-Palestinian-German Television Co-production Supported by UNESCO

Type: Documentary
Extract: 08:26. Total length:01:01:00
Credits: Salwa Abu-Libdeh (director) Yoram Binur (director) Thomas Morwski (director) UNESCO (co-producer)
Published in:2004

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