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Language(s): Serbian

Summary/Historical Context

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Intercultural dialogue
The Balkans

A discussion between Goran Bregovic, one of the most internationally known modern musicians and composers of the Balkans, and Davorin Popovic, who was a Bosnian musician, well known throughout the former Yugoslavia. In this film, the two men, one in Belgrade, the other in Sarajevo, have a video-discussion about art, peace and tolerance.

Place/country: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia,
Type: Speech.Round table
Extract: 4 min. Total lenght: 45 minutes
Credits: Goran Bregovic (participant), Davorin Popovic (participant), Gilles Cayatte (participant), Zlalan Fazlic (participant),
Inteviews Europe (publisher), UNESCO (producer), Novi Mostovi (producer),

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