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El Mariachi, música de cuerdas, canto y trompetas/Mariachi, string music, song and trumpet
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Mariachi is a traditional music and fundamental element of Mexican culture, transmitting values, heritage, history and different Indian languages. Traditional Mariachi ensembles include trumpets, violins, the vihuela and guitarrón (bass guitar), and may have four or more musicians who wear regional costumes adapted from the charro costume. Modern Mariachi music includes a wide repertoire of songs from different regions of the country and musical genres. Musicians learn by ear from father to son and through performances at festive, religious and civil events.

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País/lugar: Mexico,
Series: 2011 Inscriptions on the Representative List/Inscriptions 2011 sur la liste représentative
Tipo: Documentary
Duración: 9 minutes
Créditos: Cámara de comercio de Jalisco (publisher),
Publicado en: 2011

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