Intangible heritage

Mongolian traditional practices of the worshipping of sacred sites
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Summary/Historical Context

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Mongolian worship ceremonies are performed at sacred sites to invoke assistance from nature deities: in the summer for timely rain and abundant pastures, and in the autumn for the protection of humans and livestock from a harsh winter. The ritual praises of the ceremony are followed by a festival with horse racing, wrestling and archery competitions. The tradition encompasses many forms of intangible cultural heritage, and builds a sense of community and solidarity among the people, while strengthening awareness of the importance of protecting the environment.

on this subject: Nomination file / Dossier de candidature

Place/country: Mongolia,
Series: 2010 inscriptions on the Urgent Safeguarding List/Inscriptions 2010 sur la Liste de sauvegarde urgente
Type: Documentary
Duration: 10 minutes
Credits: D.Sumkhuu (director), B.Nyamdavaa (director), Ch.Bataa (director), G.Bolor (director),
Published in: 2010

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