Culture and development

The Bedu in Petra and Wadi Rum
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Summary/Historical Context

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This film highlights the work carried out by the Jordan Hashemite Fund for Human Development, JOHUD, with funds from UNESCO, to preserve and promote the cultural space of the Bedu in Petra and Wadi Rum, and ensuring that oral traditions, knowledge and skills are transmitted to younger generations.

The Cultural Space of the Bedu in Petra and Wadi Rum is on the Representative List of the 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage. This film showcases some examples of the lifestyle of the Bedu which is in danger of disappearing

Place/country: Jordan,
Type: Documentary
Duration: 00:08:00
Credits: JOHUD (publisher) UNESCO Amman (co-producer)
Published in:2011

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