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Rome review: Mondialogo School Contest Symposium. Rome 2006
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In October 2003, UNESCO and Daimler Chrysler launched the “Mondialogo” partnership, which is coordinated by UNESCO's Bureau of Strategic Planning with the Science and Education Sectors.

Mondialogo consists of three pillars:

The “Mondialogo Engineering Award” for young engineers,

the “Mondialogo School Contest” for students between 14 and 18 years of age,

and the “Mondialogo Internet Portal”

This double DVD contains documentation, pictures and footage of the symposium

on this subject: Mondialogo (

Place/country: Italy,
Type: Radio.TV.Report
Extract: 02:33. Total length:01:37:00
Credits: UNESCO-BSP (publisher) DaimlerChrysler AG Communications (co-producer) Stuttgart. Germany (co-producer)
Published in:2007
Library catalogue (UNESDOC): 151158

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