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Rites et jeux : marionnettes d'orient et d'occident
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Langue(s): français

Sommaire/Contexte historique

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Popular art

A documentary film that displays a variety of puppetry styles including Indonesian Shadow Puppets, marionettes from Northern India, Eastern European Mask theatre, Bucharest rod puppets, experimental puppets from Poland, and Japanese Bunraku. Puppets from Singapore, Laos, Malaysia and Bread and Puppet Theater in Harlem. Includes short clips of Bill Baird and Jim Henson's early Muppets.

French puppeteers of the Alexandre Expedition for the Mutual Appreciation of Eastern and Western Culture pursue a survey of little-known puppet troupes and well-known puppeteers, emphasizing their similarities rather than their cultural and ethnic differences.

Pays/lieu: France, India, Lao PDR, Malasia, Rumania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Japan, Singapour, United States of America,
Type: Documentary
Durée: 24 minutes
Générique: Philippe Genty (director), UNESCO (publisher),
Publié en: 1965

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