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Reinventing Democracy: Cultural Diversity and Social Cohesion
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Summary/Historical Context

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Conference and meetings
Sergio Paulo Rouanet
Kathia Martim-Chenut
Masahiro Hamashita

'Reinventing Democracy: Cultural Diversity and Social Cohesion" is a seminar organized in Rio de Janeiro on 13 and 14 November 2007 with a view to fostering international reflection on the stakes of public life, at a time when declining ideologies and a number of technological and economic factors are pushing questions of culture to the forefront of the global political scene.

Organized by the Culture Sector of UNESCO, the National Library Foundation of Brazil, the Miguel de Cervantes Foundation, the Brazilian Academy and the ORDECC-Colégio do Brasil, this initiative is part of a continuing research and reflection series entitled ‘Pathways of Thought,'

There were four working sessions on :
- Reinventing democracy: horizons of pluralism;
- Building social cohesion;
- Liberty, diversity, communication and
- Rethinking the challenge of diversity.

Video above: excerpt of Ms laurence Cornu talk on "Trust: strangeness and hospitality"

Sérgio Paulo Rouanet, Kathia Martim-Chenut , Masahiro Hamashita, Patrice Vermeren, Susana Villavicencio, Tanella Boni, Vincent Shen, Jean- Godefroy Bidima, Moha Haji, Barbara Freitag.

Multilingual: English/French

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Published in:2007
Library catalogue (UNESDOC): 216136

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