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Counterpoints: Culture Riches, Loses and Gains
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Summary/Historical Context

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Conference and meetings
Wade Davis
Tanella Boni
Joel Rostkowski

Recordings of the second Counterpoints debate: "Culture Riches, Loses and Gains", 15 June 2011, which weighed the gains of progress and universal human rights against the losses incurred in the process by fragile, vulnerable cultures.


Wade Davis, Tanella Boni, Joëlle Rostkowski and Francesco Bandarin.

We propose above an excerpt of Wade Davis' intervention during the second debate

Multilingual: English/French

on this subject: Contrepoints: Richesse de la culture : pertes et gains (

Place/country: UNESCO HQ,
Series: Les chemins de la pensée,
Type: Speech.Round table
Extract: 12:27. Total lenght:04:37:15
Credits: UNESCO (publisher)
Published in:2011

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