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Wild East - Reel Intercultural Dialogue
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Summary/Historical Context

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Luliana Constantinescu

Wild East is a film about the wild, colourful, complex East. A young man tries to cross the border to look for a better life elsewhere. His story, like those of the long convoys of refugees, seems sadly familiar. What these people simply want is a land where they could bring their own values, find a way to understand each other and coexist with tolerance. But such a world does not exist. The young man, who arrives last, is the first to understand this sad truth.

This short film is part of the DVD Reel Intercultural Dialogue

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Place/country: Romania,
Type: Fiction
Duration: 00:13:10
Author/director: Luliana Constantinescu,
Publisher/producer: The National University of Drama and Film, Romania,
Published in:2004

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