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The New Beginning - Reel Intercultural Dialogue
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Intercultural dialogue
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Sundhakar Reddy Yankanti

Two boys are fighting over a kite. The idea behind this simple narrative is for these kids to serve as a metaphor between two clashing communities of the subcontinent, the Hindus and the Muslims. At any moment, a small incident can trigger disastrous riots between them. They have both come to a dead end. The only way is to come out of their shells and help each other to make a fresh start. Winner of the Special Jury National Award in the 2004 National Film Awards of India.

This short film is part of the DVD Reel Intercultural Dialogue

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Place/country: India,
Type: Docufiction
Duration: 13 minutes
Credits: Sundhakar Reddy Yankanti (director), UNESCO New Delhi (publisher), The Film and Television Institute of India (publisher),
Published in: 2004

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