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On Young People and Science: Federico Neresini - World Science Day 2010, Venice
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Science and society
World Science Day

Question: How can we avoid the "brain drain" of the new generations? Prof. Neresini, from the University of Padua, explains that "data available for this problem shows that we are faced with very diverse situations among different countries around the world. The data coming from Rose research project, science education research project, showed that in the less developed countries (LDC) young people are very interested in science and in scientific careers and professions. Instead in more developed countries (MDC), young people seem to be less interested in these fields."

on this subject: UNESCO Venice Office

Place/country: UNESCO Venice Office,
Type: Interview
Duration: 1 minutes
Credits: Federico Neresini (guest),
UNESCO Venice (publisher),
Published in: 2010

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