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Restore the Rainforest by Protecting Biodiversity (Brazil)
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Language(s): Plurilingual: Eng, French, Spanish, Portuguese

Summary/Historical Context

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Education for sustainable development means learning to respect and protect the environment. 13 million hectares of forest disappear each year and over 100 species per day. An NGO educates rural communities on the protection of biodiversity and forests. Training in agroforestry helps people to achieve sustainable and more profitable results. This is a sustainable system that protects biodiversity and provides a livelihood.

Place/country: Brazil,
Series: From Green Economies to Green Societies
Type: Documentary
Duration: 5 minutes
Credits: Pascal Fayolle (director), Eli Laliberté (director), François Rousset (director), Lato Sensu Productions, France (publisher), Japan Funds-in-Trust (publisher), UNESCO (producer),
Published in: 2012
Library catalogue (UNESDOC):217124

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